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PPT on QOLT; includes self-assesment and overview of training

Article on faculty preparedness for teaching online; recommends two online self-assessment surveys

Create beautiful word clouds on your iPhone from tweets, webpages, and more. Choose from a range of different fonts,... see more

'Stop the fighting! Let the phone decide the teams! And then score. Put an end to the awkward job of picking teams.... see more

Mobile learning map provides valuable resources on mLearning and development.

This course was adopted from the City University of New York and adapted for the State University of New York. It is... see more

In this video you learn how to insert an inline image to your email using the gmail system.

'Over the past decade, the video camera has become a commonplace household technology. With falling prices on compact and... see more

'“Links” are among the most basic—and most unexamined—features of online life. Bringing together a prominent array of... see more

'The world of communication media has undergone massive changes since the mid-1980s. Along with the extraordinary... see more

'Can an algorithm edit a journal? Can a library exist without books? Can students build and manage their own learning... see more

This is a free book from BookBoon A mobile device is any hand-held tool that permits Internet access and allows for... see more

The Sub-cortical White Matter of Brain is graphically represented The bulk of this presentation deals with Projection... see more

'Diverse Perspectives in College Teaching is an e-book comprised of eight articles outlining specific challenges that... see more

12 Ophthalmic Surgery instruments are demonstrated,  Who will need this?  Ophthalmic Residents in Training  Ophthalmic... see more

The Flipped Classroom Resource Page compiled by the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development, Michigan State... see more

This talk by Michele Pistone discusses the future of higher education, which has been based on the same educational model... see more

The internet catalogue on flipped classrooms for students, teachers, administrators & parents.  

The Rise of MOOCs -What do massive open online courses mean for the future of higher education?  A story that appeared in... see more

The site contains references to many online resources related to MOOCs and a short video explaining what a MOOC is

A short video explaining what is a MOOC?

President of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County since 1992, Freeman A. Hrabowski III thinks he knows what... see more

Wondering how to flip the classroom—and, more specifically, if you should flip your classroom? Listen to the Flipping the... see more

The way most students study makes no sense. That's the conclusion of Washington University in St. Louis... see more