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This java applet (and accompanying material) is designed to simulate an experiment to find the effect of varying the... see more

This site includes a video that is presented as part of the Annenberg Foundation series on "The World of Chemistry."  It... see more

simulates particles in an ideal atmosphere

How to deal with error and scatter in measured values; absolute and relative uncertainty. An elementary but thorough... see more

An interactive educational tutorial designed to provide information on mole. This tutorial includes animations and... see more

Software simulations of a variety of chemical reactors. Some modules have quizzes that are scored by the software.... see more

This site provides videos that introduce users to the world of chemistry.  Some of the topics include:  The Atom, The... see more

CA Earth Science Standard # 6b- Great explaination of thermal inversion. Good illustration of normal compared to... see more

Simulates battery discharging across variable resistance. Monitors current, voltage, heat, and work.

An in-depth treatment of entropy, free energy and why chemical reactions take place. This open/virtual textbook is... see more

Second year Inorganic Course on Transition metal Chemistry

In contrast to the common but misleading "entropy is disorganization" line, this tutorial describes entropy as a measure... see more

Interactive module in which students practice using a microscope in a food science laboratory. Mobile version available... see more

The Oxford VR Group is developing a three-dimensional simulated laboratory for the teaching of chemistry. This laboratory... see more

The virtual chemistry room of the University of Oxford, this site has information concerning symmetry, VESPRs, and... see more

This web site contains information and virtual experiments on many different topics including the following: Atomic... see more

The Virtual Courseware Project produces interactive online simulations to help enhance the learning and teaching of... see more

This site provides video examples of simple experiments, tutorials, more.

Interactive food science modules trains high school and college students in using basic disposable laboratory equipment.... see more

A complete organic chemistry course with diagrams, animations and simple quiz questions embedded in the text.

"Organic Chemistry is a broad and complex subject. To understand and achieve a practical mastery of it requires an... see more

Visualization and reference material for various topics related to General Chemistry. Also includes practice problems.... see more

The site describes the VSEPR geometries of ions and molecules and provides multiple examples of each using CHIME. A... see more

An introduction to VSEPR rules for the prediction of molecular shape. (Includes rotatable Jmol structures)