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Lesson focuses on brakes, force, and friction, using bicycle rim brakes to demonstrate basic braking mechanisms to stop,... see more

This PDF was created as part of the MAET program through Michigan State University. My fourth grade students are learning... see more

This is a pdf of a Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan for Severe Weather. The educational need of this lesson is... see more

This is the first part of a lessson I am creating for my class about using Google Calendar for schedule and the multiple... see more

Interactive slide presentation that addresses grammar rules

This is a lesson plan utilizing Instructional Design Principles. It is focused on helping students to create their own... see more

This lesson is designed to help 3rd - 5th grade students strengthen their understanding of bar graphs and data landmark... see more

Lesson focuses on engineering applications of biometric technologies for identification or security applications. After... see more

Lesson focuses on the engineering and operation of artificial heart valves, and the interface between man and machine.

Lesson focuses on solar panel design, and its application in the standard calculator. It explores how both solar panels... see more

Lesson focuses on how engineers design tire treads to increase safety and reliability. Students are presented with the... see more

Lesson focuses on how the shape of ship's hull can impact its speed and stability potential in water. Teams of students... see more

Here you will find a copy of my Instructional Design Plan created for CEP 811.  I believe this plan will give an ... see more

Lesson focuses on how infrared technology is used by engineers creating equipment and system for a variety of industries.... see more

Instructional Design Plan-Language Arts-The Great Gilly Hopkins

Demonstrating the concept of conducting or insulating electricity. Note: This lesson plan is designed for classroom use... see more

The resources here are created by teachers and small independent educational publishers.  Includes reading, writing,... see more

Students explore potential and kinetic energy while working in teams to design and build an interactive gumball machine.

The assessment tasks were created as part of an introductory module to Choreography, aimed at year 1 undergraduates... see more

Lesson focuses on how through the centuries man has had the need to move water from one place to another. Engineered... see more

Lesson focuses on the engineering behind keeping food and other items cool. Students work in teams to develop a system to... see more

This is a goal-directed instructional design plan and involves learning about the Mayan and Aztec cultures through a web... see more

Lesson Plan converted to a pdf file