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This website provides information on stroke prevention by controling diabetes,in depth information on stroke prevention.... see more

This is a lesson plan for solving systems of linear equations to Algebra 1 students. Methods to be taught include... see more

I learned about the concept Task Significance. Task Significance is giving an opporotunity to an employee to do work that... see more

This lesson plan is designed to supplement the “FRED Interactive: Information Literacy” online course available... see more

This resource provides an outline for planning and implementing an active learning activity that illustrates the DM model... see more

This assignment received an honorable mention in the 2014 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge  'This assignment contains chapter... see more

This activity has students participating as one of three predator species as they attempt to capture as many individuals... see more

In this activity, students will consider the role of a logo in the firm’s overall brand – what role does it play, how... see more

The VARK Questionnaire "How Do I Learn Best?" is a very useful free learning styles survey tool. This questionnaire can... see more

This resource provides a problem-based activity on risk assessment of environmental health issues. The lesson consists of... see more

This project has at its heart a re-engagement with science that begins with teacher preparation and ends with broader... see more

Knowing ‘how many’ of any species is a challenge for researchers. In recent years satellites have been used, but there... see more

The purpose of the resource is to develop hypotheses about which environmental factors are most important to plants.

In this activity, students look at the output from a market share (market concentration) spreadsheet and attempt to... see more

In this activity, students look at a simple output from a market share spreadsheet and attempt to interpret the results... see more

This lesson plan is designed to have a discussion about Utopia and to have high school students create their meaning of... see more

Do you know what links a lion, an orca and a barn owl? Test your knowledge with ARKive’s Web of Wildlife and discover... see more

'Students will examine plate tectonics, the different movements between boundaries, and the features they create.'

Students will locate some weed and native species found in Oregon and will understand that while databases are beneficial... see more

This technology-rich lesson plan helps high school students understand the concepts of simple and compounding interest. ... see more

This is an out of class exercise that allows students to explore biological molecules that contain heme like molecules... see more

Questions feature a selection of primary and secondary documents, graphics, cartoons, tables, and graphs. Each is keyed... see more

This assignment has been created for a Modern World History 9th grade level course.  I created this mapping activity... see more

This app is intended to be used as a stress management tool. It includes a ten minute guided relaxation practice that can... see more