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Applets to help students with exercises in an introductory logic course.

Engaging interactive activities to practice French and Spanish.

E and A, as in BET and BAT.   Accompanying audio file:

Examples:  ASIAN and AGING, VERSION and VIRGIN. Accompanying audio file:... see more

/θ/ - Th, as in COLLECT, CORRECT, LAMB and RAM   Accompanying audio file:... see more

s, sh, and ch.   Accompanying audio file:

The most frequent vowel sound in English. Accompanying audio file:... see more

/ð/ - Th, as in THOSE, MOTHER, and SOOTHE   Accompanying audio... see more

/θ/ - Th, as in THINK, BATHROOM, and TEETH Accompanying audio file: ... see more

V and W, as in Vine and Wine   Accompanying audio file:

i and I, as in SEEN and SIN. Accompanying audio file:

This "game show" tests 1 or 2 players on their understanding of the basic vocabulary of literary studies.

This is a set of practice exercises on Ninian Smart's Seven Dimensions of Religion. Includes flashcards, games, self... see more

These are basic English grammar review modules for use in developmental writing or college-level writing courses. Modules... see more

Phthong is an interactive program to teach the phonemic transcription of English. Two versions exists. They differ... see more

Practice the pronunciation of your front vowels and record your pronunciation to compare it to the proper pronunciation

The Pronunciation Guide shows (in written and oral form) how to pronounce Spanish vowels and consonants as well as sounds... see more

A website that provides interactive practice of vocabulary and grammar, access to many Spanish textbooks, and smartboard... see more

Forums for on-line discussions between students and teachers of English the world over. An added attraction is Cyrano's... see more

Interactive exercises from the Centro Studi Italiani, a San Francisco-based language center, specializing in Italian... see more

An excellent, extensive collection of grammar exercises and explanations, as well as culture links. Includes a hangman... see more

Vocabulary activity found in LeMonde journal.  The objective is to place the falling words into the correct category... see more

ESL listening practice. Native speakers talk and discuss topics similar to those that appear on the TOEFL and IELTS... see more

Free online verb conjugation trainer that provides quick self-tests for several languages.