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From the passes NHL players make to their teammates, to the shots they take to score, players in every position are... see more

NHL hockey pucks are made of vulcanized rubber and weigh between 5.5 and 6 ounces (160 - 170 g). During a game, every... see more

In this hands-on and feet-on excursion, learners take a science walk to visualize the planet's immense size and numerous... see more

Adjust mountain snowfall and temperature to see the glacier grow and shrink. Use scientific tools to measure thickness,... see more

In this interactive and informative group activity, learners use packages of M&M's to illustrate the difference between... see more

The Slinky and Wave exercise is an interactive lecture that explains how to use a Slinky to demonstrate motion of P- and... see more

In this demonstration, students get to witness pressure melting and regelation first-hand. A weight is suspended via a... see more

In this demonstration, students detect the interference of waves and measure wave phenomena using an experimental... see more

This resource describes the physics behind the formation of clouds, and provides a demonstration of those principles... see more

This is a lesson about condensation, snow and snowflakes. Learners will investigate how water and ice exist in the... see more

This is a lesson about the formation of glaciers, ice layering and stratigraphy, and the cryosphere and cryobotics.... see more

This is a lesson about how and why ice flows, especially in a large mass such as a glacier. Learners will experience the... see more

Pressure, temperature and density, and resistance are characteristics of air demonstrated using a 2L beverage bottle, a... see more

In this demonstration, students learn that heat makes air expand and rise, and learn how pressure systems are formed by... see more

In this demonstration, a soda bottle, paper and straws are used to show learners that air has mass and takes up space.... see more

In this demonstration, students see how the different wavelengths of the visible light spectrum combine to make white... see more

Using three flashlights and sheets of red, blue and green cellophane, students demonstrate that white light is composed... see more

In this demonstration, the process of cooling by evaporation is related to the serious health risk of hypothermia.... see more

In this demonstration, a flashlight, mirror, water and a plastic shoebox are used to refract light into its component... see more

In this demonstration of the properties of light, two small mirrors and a dime are used to show students understand how... see more

The force of gravity is the focus of this demonstration using a ruler, string and a paper clip. Students observe that the... see more

In this demonstration, liquids of different density are mixed to demonstrate how the layers of the Earth were formed as... see more

This demonstration allows students to visualize how heat moves through convection - using water, food coloring, a small... see more

This classroom demonstration employs a jar, milk and a flashlight as a model system to demonstrate that light maintains... see more