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Applet computes the area of a figure made of rectangles which approximates the region under the given curve. This curve... see more

An applet that simulates the familar demonstration device.

User can change the length, the mass of the bob or constant of gravitational accleration, by typing values in the... see more

This applet simulates collsions in one dimension. To run a simulation select one of the scenarios in the drop down menu... see more

The motion of an object placed in a fluid is simulated. The densities of the block and fluid, and the coefficient of... see more

Java applet for dampled harmonic motion. Source code available at

Similar to the AC generator tutorial, this tutorial also shows the effect on coil rotation speed and voltage by... see more

A simple experiment concerning the equilibrium of three forces is simulated here: Weights are suspended from three tied... see more

Shockwave simulation of linear acceleration.

An applet that demonstrates radioactive decay. Source code available on main site. Foreign language versions available.

Change the values in the left matrix and click the INVERT button. The values in the right matrix are rounded to the 4th... see more

This applet is used to calculate the solution set to a linear system of equations. Type in the number of equations (this... see more

More of a demonstration device than a utility, this applet shows the user the steps needed to calculate the standard... see more

Applet and tutorial showing how to use the Vernier caliper.

User sets various initial conditions, and the applet plots the acceleration, velocity, and distance versus time.

A collection of demonstrations on basic kinematic principles. Many of the demonstrations are VRML.

The diaphragm of a condenser microphone is the negatively charged plate of a capacitor. This interactive tutorial shows a... see more

Most loud speakers consist of a circular permanent magnet surrounding a freely moving coil. The coil is attached to a... see more

Shockwave simulation illustrates the relationship between chance and probability/statistics by rolling dice and tracking... see more

This applet demonstrates heat flow and temperature change for a metal with the ends held at different temperatures. The... see more

Java applet for demonstrating circular motion and centripetal force. Mirror available at... see more

The AC generator tutorial demonstrates how varying the frequency of an alternating current can affect both the voltage... see more

An extensive text description, with graphics, of angular momentum of a rigid body.

Applet demonstrates the firing of a bullet into a block in order to illustrate principles of conservation of energy and... see more