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This highly visual tool guides young students in doing research. It also contains a teacher toolkit.

A Plagiarism Avoidance Tutorial created by Ramona Islam, with voice-overs by Christopher Dunham and Ramona Islam

This is a rather lengthy tutorial on writing that was developed at Purdue University for non-Purdue personnel. There are... see more

This prezi is a brief tutorial on article types focused on the Hospitality & Tourism Management subject area.  It could... see more

Western University's short videos and guides, which answer frequently asked questions about library research, services... see more

This Flash presentation, guided by the learner with left- and right-pointing arrows, provides an overview of common types... see more

Students will learn some of the reasons it is important to cite sources when writing a research paper. A CLIP tutorial

This tutorial explains many of the issues involved with free content and licenses including creative commons.

This screencast demonstrates how to create and use a wikispace for educational purposes.

This is a video guides you to work around Google Docs Document. Narration is in Thai language. Content is suitable for... see more

Gateway Web site containing information, resources, activities, etc. related to learning objects and repositories.

Discusses how to choose a topic that interests you, find background information, create a research question, try a... see more

This tutorial covers the basics of getting started with proper citation practice, including why we cite, how to cite... see more

 This series of lessons received an honorable mention in the 2013 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'There are four modules in... see more

Students who complete this module will learn about scholarly articles and how they are arranged.

Plagiarism 101 is a tutorial that covers the basics of plagiarism, including what it is, what the consequences are, and... see more

This tutorial was created through a collaborative effort of the libraries of the University of Colorado. It focuses on... see more (2008) offers grade school teachers and elementary schools free online lessons/tutorials/resources for... see more

Research It Right! is the fourth module in the series of an online tutorial project created by librarians at Acadia... see more

This 15 minute tutorial with activities discusses how to identify and avoid plagiarism and properly cite your sources.

This is a Stand-Alone Instructional Resource (StAIR) focuses on some of the Web 2.0 tools that are available to use by... see more

A short video explaining what is a MOOC?

This library guide introduces the ACRL information literacy framework, and provides professional development content for... see more

This web page addresses the issue of "fake news" and uses it as a springboard for talking about finding trustworthy... see more