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This interactive site would be great for children in elementary school because it teaches about the environment. It also... see more

This site is a wonderful resource for third through fifth grade teachers who need to teach a lesson on rivers. The site... see more

This application is devoted to be used in conjunction with other applications. Anyway, it can be used also independently... see more

Evidence-based medicine training and evaluation system for Romanian physicians.

Berlioz’s program for the 1830 premiere of the Symphonie fantastique. It is recommended that text in bold red be replaced... see more

This activity aims to familiarize students with Impressionism and encourages interconnections between music and the... see more

Classzone is a compendium of books used in middle schools and high schools, rangeing from english to Physical sciences. ... see more

eWriting: ESL Writing Success eWriting, a fully online ESL writing lab program in six levels, increases students’ writing... see more

This is a great site for students to learn about the planets(Kids Astronomy).  Great activities to ingage the student and... see more

     The website is an instrumental and interactive learning object in the area of biology. The site is free and has a... see more

    I think that this learning object is a very strong source of black history. It gives great information about all... see more

This is a learning object specifically for 2nd grade students. it is also great for teachers who know their students... see more

This site contains information about plants’ structure, part, life cycle, and growing plants indoors. Further more it has... see more

Presented as a digital education project by Maryland Public Television, this interactive online experience provides in... see more

A WebQuest on The Giver Lois Lowry wrote a novel about a community that seems to function perfectly. The Giver describes... see more

Solid website for software that services the needs of people with disabilities. This site is full of software for sale.

Accessibility This site is very useful in allowing the learner to have the accessibility to variety of languages, and... see more

This site provides an example of a case study of disability and displays the problem and the solution. The conclusion of... see more

 This site introducing how technology can be used in disadvantaged communities to improve schools, and adult learning,... see more

At the Digital Divide Network, people can build their own online community, publish a blog, share documents and... see more

“Enablemart” delivers the best products and services to make education and the workplace accessible to students and... see more

This is “Bridging the Digital Divide-Intel World Ahead program.” Particularly interesting about the site are Intel’s case... see more