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This is a simulation for a beginning econometrics course that shows students how heteroskedasticity biases an estimator... see more

Stockscape is a realtime stock market information service similar to a Reuters or Telerate screen. It provides a stock... see more

If you were a government official trying to raise revenue, who would you tax? Pick whether to tax cigarettes, luxury... see more

This is a classroom game in which students act as employers, workers, consultants and educators. The game begins with a... see more

This simulation concerns the concepts of Trade, Incentives, Costs, and Benefits. This is a trading simulation that was... see more

The Mutual Fund Cost Calculator enables investors to easily estimate and compare the costs of owning mutual funds.... see more

This is a commercial organization that markets simulations for educational purposes. This website is a downloadable... see more

After predicting what the unemployment rate will be for students in the class, a confidential survey modeled on the... see more

Students predict the best graphical representation of US real GDP/capita during the last twenty years, choosing from... see more

This ILD helps students to understand the relationship between total revenue and price elasticity of demand.

This activity uses an Interactive Lecture Demonstration to help students understand the definition of money in a modern... see more

an on-line Java shopping system designed to make on-line shopping easy and intuitive for both the shopper and the web... see more

VirtualStockExchange is a simulated securities broker that provides mock trading of all securities listed on the major... see more

After predicting which of two earnings streams has the highest currrent value, students use a discounted values table to... see more

Students compare budget deficits and surpluses generated between 1969 and 2008 measured in nominal terms and then as a... see more

A Netlogo implementation of Gode and Sunders (1993) ZI-Trading model. Students explore whether efficiency in the market... see more