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This course provides an introduction to the organization and implementation of work-based learning programs. Topics... see more

Overview of Workplace Falls.This film presents a brief overview of some causes and consequences of workplace falls.... see more

This patient case simulator presents the user with several patients who have dental problems, including sensitive teeth,... see more

Nurses play a vital role in improving the safety and quality of patient care—not only in the hospital or ambulatory... see more

This interactive tutorial focuses on the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. The stated learning... see more

This interactive tutorial focuses on patient safety organizations. The stated learning objectives are: Summarize the role... see more

This is a free course offered as part of the Saylor Foundation's Professional Development program.  'This program is... see more

This site is a section of the free Merck Online Manual and covers Pediatrics.  Some of the sub-topics are Approach to the... see more

This is a narrated video designed to help one understand the nursing care required to safely care for patients undergoing... see more

A series of enhanced podcasts used for the Pharmacology in Sports Medicine course at Chapman University. Each podcast can... see more

The intent of this module is to help the learner describe and identify the major types of skin lesions.Examples of the... see more

Procedures and Protocols in Nursing with accompanying rationale, at a critical care/trauma center. Please read their... see more

A forklift towing a trailer collided with a line containing highly flammable liquid propylene, causing a release and a... see more

This is a section of the free Merck Online Manual that deals with Psychiatric disorders.  Some of the sub-topics include... see more

This lesson plan will help develop an understanding of the complexity of the American federal system and how it affects... see more

"Each year in North America, more than 100,000 home fires start in the kitchen, killing hundreds of people and injuring... see more

Radiology Lessons is a tutorial on introduction to radiology for the first year medical student. Current methods of... see more

This interactive tutorial focuses on near miss error reporting in the healthcare setting. The stated learning objectives... see more

This course presents a detailed overview of the regulatory requirements for the development and manufacture of... see more

protocols for ankle, knee, and shoulder

This interactive learning resource focuses on patients's rights as they relate to safe medication administration. The... see more

Same-level Falls. This educational film explores causes and prevention of same-level falls in workplaces. It is a 27:45... see more

Interactive games and information on the human body and mind.

"This is an interactive tutorial that serves as an introduction to normal x-rays and cross-sections of the thorax for... see more