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Study guides are common features of science-based (and some social science) courses.   These are information sets created... see more

A common trend in online learning involves a focus on interactivity (how learners engage with others in the online... see more

Goal-directed instructional design plan of employment authorization for international students.

מצגת מתוך הרצאה של יום עיון בנושא מהל מדיה חברתית על הפרקטיקה של התחום .

מצגת המסבירה את  השימוש בחוכמת ההמונים ברשתות חברתיות למתן מענה לשאלות

הרצאה בליווי מצגת של ד"ר ליזי כהן על גישות פדגוגיות בלמידה מקוונת, מודל TPACK לשילוב טכנולוגיה בתחומי הדעת, שיקולי דעת... see more

A presentation by Tessa Welch to the DETA (Distance Education and Teacher Training in Africa) conference, 7 August 2007... see more

This short commentary about the African Health OER Network was published by the African Journal of Health Professions... see more

This website presents videos by great educators and facilitates the incorporation of these videos in lessons.  A "flip"... see more

Every cultural institution suffers disasters from water leaks to power and phone outages, and loss of internet access.... see more

The PPT provides a status of MERLOT's health - metrics on its usage and growth, an overview of its new and continuing... see more

This is a short video featuring students actually doing peer review as feedback in a creative writing course.  The... see more

The National Online Video Magazine for Online Educators  

The purpose of this research is to examine the consistency in the quality and content of the Peer Reviews. By examining... see more

The usability lab evaluation of MERLOT's Peer Reviews was conducted between February 2nd and March 21st, 2001. Five... see more

The planning document describes MERLOT/CUDA?s template for defining use cases is used as planning tools for developing... see more

The document provides an overview of usability and the variety of methods that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness,... see more

The Center for Usability in Design and Assessment (CUDA) conducted a usability lab evaluation of the OCSK 1.5 version of... see more

The Center for Usability in Design and Assessment (CUDA) conducted a usability evaluation of the OCSK 2.5 version of... see more

Step-by-step procedures for MERLOT staff, outlining what to do in the event that the MERLOT website is down.

This document describes Federated Search from a technical perspective to help developers be able to create clients for... see more

This document describes the terms of agreement that must be executed by MERLOT partners wishing to utilize MERLOT's Web... see more

This document describes the procedure for partners to request specific new RSS feeds. As a benefit to partners, if they... see more

This document describes the requirements that a prospective Federated Search Partner must meet in order for their site to... see more