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exercise ideas for teaching all grade levels the basics of contouring and topo maps. This seems to be a harder topic for... see more

This is a STAIR model for review purposes of Plate Tectonics.  Topics include Continental Drift, Seafloor Sreading,... see more

DLESE resources include electronic materials for both teachers and learners, such as lesson plans, maps, images, data... see more

engage students through dynamic curricular resources like Discovery Education streaming Plus and Discovery Education... see more

Learners complete two simple experiments to prove the existence of air and air pressure which surround us. First, they... see more

'Physical Geography, also called earth science, is the study of our home planet and all of its components: its lands,... see more

Images of Earth and space, with simple captions in large type, suitable for printing on a color or B&W printer and... see more

Because the Earth is so large and science is so complex, Earth scientists specialize in studying just a small aspect of... see more

'This Earth Science textbook is designed for use in Utah during the 2013-2014 academic year. This book was developed by... see more

The Earth Science Reference Tables (ESRT) is an invaluable tool to the earth science student. It contains important... see more

This is a StAIR project for Earth Science Review. This particular StAIR (Stand-Alone Instructional Resources) covers... see more

Simulate convergent, transform and divergent boundaries with your mouse. Information is also provided.

This is a great site for earth science classes. It has units, key concepts, corresponding core standards and also lab and... see more

This site has nice moving videos of the types of earth quakes.

This is a free, online textbook designed for an Environmental Geosicence course.  Major topics include:  Overarching... see more

Interface to access databases of National Oceanographic and Astmospheric Association.

This is a free online textbook offered by Saylor Foundation. 'Essentials of Geographic Information Systems integrates key... see more

This three-part activity consists of an activity that groups of learners develop themselves, a given procedure, and an... see more

This site has a short explanation about the San Andreas Fault and expands on the information through links to other... see more

Exploring Earth is a useful website containing several different types of educational resources.  There are Data Centers,... see more

In this nanoscience activity, learners discover that it's easy to pour water out of a regular-sized cup, but not out of a... see more

In this lab, students measure a topographic and geologic cross-section across a floodplain by simple surveying and... see more

Quick survey of geological processes. Based on current data derived from the United States Geological Society and from... see more

The instructor uses a series of games to help students identify and answer questions about fossils. The game grows more... see more