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This paper investigates the impact of web based lecture recordings on learning and attendance at lectures. Student... see more

This case study explored learner participation in First Steps in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (FSLT12), a... see more

In an effort to meet the increasing needs of the graduate student population at a large southwestern state university,... see more

The research reported in this paper seeks to contribute to refinement of the definition of "best instructional practice"... see more

This video was created in Medical University of the Americas in May 2011 by Med 3 Neuroscience students of Summer 2011... see more

Research suggests that the use of concept maps enhances learning transfer and retention. This paper presents a case study... see more

This article presents a qualitative study of two online collaborative groups that successfully formed a group... see more

As the narratives that guide higher education fracture and realign, the topic of massive open online courses (MOOCs)... see more

A 12-item ecoshock index was developed and tested to measure differences in university students' responses to online and... see more

Bond (2000) and Scheetz and Martin (2008) identified characteristics of effective teachers, and qualities of master... see more

Successfully developing and teaching a large online class section requires a shift in focus from teaching to learning.... see more

This is a film that was done by Sun Systems for MERLOT. It provides an excellent introduction to MERLOT and can be used... see more

Online courses may be criticized for failing to engage students. Faculty members teaching in the classroom often employ a... see more

Distant learning utilizing Web-based technologies has provided learners and educational providers with unprecedented... see more

The revolutionary potential of massive open online courses (MOOCs) has been met with much skepticism, particularly in... see more

In this paper, the author examines lessons from massive open online courses (MOOCs) for small liberal arts colleges... see more

Recent research suggests that a growing proportion of formal learning occurs outside formal educational settings, where... see more

Synchronous hybrid delivery, defined as a course option where mutually exclusive groups of online and on-campus students... see more

This paper describes a journey to create two online economics courses for businesses students. Initial expectations and... see more

Just like in face-to-face classes, students engaged in online education communicate, participate and interact via... see more

The popularity of video games carries implications in game players' first (L1) and second language (L2) literacy. Based... see more

The impact of social networks on lives of the majority of young adults has been enormous, although their impact on... see more

Social learning has long been seen as a positive direction in education with many advantages for learners. This paper... see more

There has been little research on student use and perception of open educational resources that are used to replace... see more