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An interactive that illustrates the relationships between the axial tilt of the Earth, latitude, and temperature. Several... see more

An interactive visualization tool to examine geocentric seasonal and latitudinal variability in solar energy reaching... see more

This is a lesson about locating impact craters on Earth using longitude, latitude, and maps. Learners will observe impact... see more

This is a lesson about observing and examining meteorites in a Meteorite Sample Disc. Learners will practice scientific... see more

This is an activity about collecting, describing and classifying terrestrial and lunar rocks. Learners will collect and... see more

Teachers can use this animation to continue a study of clouds. In addition to asking students to construct their own... see more

In this activity, learners use a simple 3D model to discover why the Moon has phases. This activity is a very rewarding... see more

This fun and simple hands-on astronomy activity lets learners create 3D models of the Earth, Moon and Sun to demonstrate... see more

This demonstration activity models how Venus appears from Earth. This activity will help learners see why Venus appears... see more

In this activity (on pages 12-15), learners make a crater model and test the effects of weather (rain) on its surface.... see more

This is an activity about the shape of the Earth�s orbit. Learners will first use elements of the orbit of Earth and... see more

Activity in which students investigate what causes the seasons by doing a series of kinesthetic modeling activities and... see more

This is a lesson about the nature of a scientific question. Learners will construct a valid scientific question that can... see more

In this online activity, learners can test their skills at finding constellations in the northern hemisphere's night sky.... see more

Learners model the Sun-Earth-Moon system to show what causes the Moon's appearance to change when viewed from the Earth.... see more

Ace on the Case: Secrets@sea invites students to solve a mystery by tracking down ecological clues in an interactive... see more

One of a suite of online climate interactive simulations, this Greenhouse Gas Simulator from uses the bathtub model to... see more

The Climate Momentum Simulation allows users to quickly compare the resulting sea level rise, temperature change,... see more

C-Learn is a simplified version of the C-ROADS simulator. Its primary purpose is to help users understand the long-term... see more

This Flash-based simulation explores the relationship between carbon emissions and atmospheric carbon dioxide using two... see more

This fuel cell animation demonstrates how a fuel cell uses hydrogen to produce electricity, with only water and heat as... see more

This Flash animation describes how hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) combine the benefits of gasoline engines and electric... see more

An interactive simulation of Earth's seasonal dynamics that includes the axial tilt and other aspects of Earth's annual... see more

This animation illustrates how heat energy from deep in Earth can be utilized to generate electricity at a large scale.