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Graphically demonstrates the phenomena of beats.

Applet demonstrates Charles' Law from a particle standpoint by allowing the user to change the temperature and see the... see more

A demonstration of phase space (velocity/momentum as a function of position) of a simple harmonic oscillator.

Filtration of light affects how we perceive color. This tutorial explores how filters can interact with each other to... see more

The printing industry relies on a four-color separation process using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black dyes to faithfully... see more

A tutorial that shows reflection of an object from a concave mirror. The student is able to move the object back and... see more

Applet demonstrates how a cyclotron works. Extensive explanatory text of basic electromagnetism included.

This Java applet deals with the extreme cases of a collision process illustrated by two wagons: For an elastic collision... see more

Java applet demonstrates the electric field and equipotential lines between two charges. Extensive explanatory text... see more

This Applet calculates and displays the potential of a field surrounding a capacitor. It employs a relaxation method to... see more

A tutorial on basic electromagnetism, with hyperlinks to many applets and explanations. References included.

Here is a demonstration of the flow of a vector field. You may choose a vector field from the pull down menu. In the... see more

Tutorial and applet on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on the physics of hydraulic presses.

A noninteractice simulation of reflection, refraction, and diffraction.

Tutorial and applet on basic mechanical waves. Includes table of the velocity of sound in various materials.

This Java applet demonstrates the Lorentz force, exerted on a current-carrying conductor swing in the magnetic field of a... see more

This applet allows a person to test several numerical integration approximation methods by having the user fill out the... see more

A collection of applets that cover a wide range of math topics. Most contain downloadable source code.

An applet and activity for demonstrating the physical properties of a physical pendulum. Extensive explanatory text... see more

A series of animations that show how the flow of rate of water is analogous to current.

Demonstrates the reflection and refraction of light infringing on a curved surface.

The Online Remote Sensing Guide consists of two web-based instructional modules that use multimedia technology and the... see more

Java simulation of the three basic thermodynamic processes - isobaric, isothermal, and isochoric

This free Web-based service enables you to instantaneously create cross-rate tables of major currencies in the base... see more