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Presentación basada en el libro "Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite" de Edward Redish. Esta presentación está... see more

 La modernización de las bibliotecas es un desafío continuo, ya que estas tienen la responsabilidad de apoyar la docencia... see more

El área Informática y Telecomunicaciones, a través de la actualización curricular de sus carreras, ha incorporado desde... see more

Open source web conferencing tool. From the web site, "The world's easiest web conference-lets you deliver synchronized... see more

dScribe, short for "digital and distributed scribes," is a participatory and collaborative model for creating open... see more

These tips are designed for anyone who would like ideas about how to design and teach a course in an online environment.... see more

EdTechTalk describes itself as "a community of educators interested in discussing and learning about the uses of... see more

Resume Development, Education

From the ePortfolio Day of Planning 8/13/09. Video is captured. Mapping and creating an ePortfolio culture help prepare... see more

From the ePortfolio Day of Planning 8/13/09. Features Kevin Kelly discussing Mapping ePortfolios to goals. Site includes... see more

From the 8/13/09 ePortfolio Day of Planning. Site includes video, and supporting handouts Review emerging definitions of... see more

This powerpoint provides an overview of what ePortfolios are and what they can be with the right planning. Also see... see more


Resumen El siguiente trabajo fue realizado sobre una metodología cualitativa y utilizando la investigación acción en el... see more

From the February 2009 Day of Dialogue: SFSU has been working on ePortfolio implementation, and here we have the Director... see more

This site includes 17 original games based on soccer, car racing and much more Other games include Math Baseball, where a... see more

Giving Credit is an online guide designed for graduate students to refresh their understanding and reinforce their... see more

This video provides an indepth overview of how to perform a nursing head-to-toe assessment. This video is particularly... see more

This Powerpoint was prepared as a result of an Internet Safety Student study done in a mid-western middle school. The... see more

Standards-driven training program.