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What is Crime Justice and what the system is

A two-step course redesign project in critical thinking

CPPME has redesigned several bottleneck ME courses such as statics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodyanics, strength of... see more

Food Production and Sustainability (FACS 110) is a required upper division course for Nutrition and Food Majors in the... see more

Redesign of General Chemistry CHEM111B at CSULB

ePortfolio describing the goals/outcomes of a course redesign of Organic Chemistry at CSU Long Beach

Professional Development Course Redesign to give access to teachers and partners.

This is the ePortflio showing the results of my Course Redesign with Technology implemented during the 2015-2016 academic... see more

Survey of World Art 101A, B and C is presently a three quarter art history introduction aimed to broaden the cultural... see more

Using the resources of (Social Homework), I redesign our freshman mechanics course.  This is a... see more

This ePortfolio provides information and computer modules for enhancing student engage in a first course in... see more

This webpage demonstrates CSUEB's results from the Quality Assurance Program RFP Summer 2014.

Developmental mathematics takes up temporal and financial resourses. We have tried to present an approach to... see more

This website documents the process that I went through in adding supplemental instruction and screencast videos to my... see more

CSU, Chico Course Redesign ePortfolio for POLS 421: Methods of Political Inquiry (Spring 2014)

This web site presents the results of a course redesign of an introductory social science statistics course, using a... see more

This is an ePortfolio documenting how the Introductory Biology lab course Biol 1BL is being redesigned at California... see more

PHIL 102 Course Redesign ePortfolio Debra Jackson (CSUB)

Course Redesign with Technology for CSU Dominguez Hills Precalculus course.

Chem 100 Virtual Lab California State University, Fullerton. Chem 100L Survey of Chemistry Laboratory. Experiments chosen... see more

Math 113 Precalculus Algebra: Improving students' preparation for Calculus   Structuring large lecture courses for... see more