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Applet for displaying stereographic projections on to a Wulff net (quasicrystals) - test

Applet generates atom positions using space groups and displays structure in 3D.

Clicking on each element produces an extensive listing of data on that element and its isotopes.

A historical discussion of the famous bridge collapse. Discusses the newer bridge as well, and compares the two.

Enter values for the masses of the two balls in fields "Mass1" and "Mass 2". Then hit go to see them fall. The... see more

Photomicrographs of various liquid crystalline DNA textures and phase transitions.

An extensive list of descriptions of alphabetized physical laws.

The history of pharmaceutical agents is as old as that of man himself. Since the dawn of time, man has used a wide... see more

This Java applet simulates an experiment for the determination of the Planck constant and the work function: A single... see more

A collection of Java applets that demonstrate the basic properties of sound.

Shockwave simulation of basic projectile motion. The Scientific Slugger imitates a ball being hit perfectly by a major... see more

The Molecular Expressions Vitamins Collection contains all of the known vitamins and many biochemicals that were once... see more

A discussion on VRML, including source code and examples.

Applet demonstrates the refraction of light passing through a thick lens.

This java applets let you understand the entire range of behavior of a single convex lens or image formed by two lens.

Software for generation of quasiperiodic tilings with local 5..22-fold symmetry with user definable colors for the... see more

Simulation and Tutorial, with downloadable executables, for discussing basic topics in quantum mechanics. Hungarian... see more

Use the mouse to travel along with the wave.

This java applet let you visualize the difference between transverse wave and longitudinal wave.

Graphical interactive display of two-body collisions in two-dimensions. Lecture notes and source code (at... see more

Tutorial on units and measures. This is page 3 of the Physics for Beginners online tutorial (linked separately on... see more

A collection of Web assignments using interactive Java applets and covering a broad range of physics subjects, as well as... see more

A collection of example Java applets and animations from the University of Oregon.

Shockwave applet adds vectors chosen by the user.