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This is Dr. Alan Cann's blog on current, open-access research papers in virology, molecular mechanisms of viral disease... see more

Great simulation showing how mitosis and cytokinesis works, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display with a pro-board... see more

'How do cells divide to grow new hair, repair your skin, or strengthen your bones? Mitosis walks you through the process... see more

After a historical introduction to molecular biology, this course describes the basic types of DNA and RNA structure and... see more

This is a free, online textbook.  However, according to the site, "By agreement with the publisher, this book is... see more

"The three-dimensional shape of a protein determines its function. The shape of proteins can change by small or large... see more

As quoted from the site, "The "Molecule of the Month" presents short accounts on selected molecules from the Protein Data... see more

A collection of over 60 different movies and animations of cells, molecular processes, techniques, etc.  Part of this... see more

This site is part of the Virtual Cell Project at North Dakota State University. The site consists of three parts:  an... see more

This site is part of the Virtual Cell Project at North Dakota State University. The site consists of three parts:  an... see more

A collection of essays illustrating key advances in medical research.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCIS). The Nucleotide database is a collection of sequences of animals,... see more

Neurogenesis uses text, pictures, animations, lab instructions and simulations to explain what neurogenesis is and how it... see more

This site includes text and illustrations to show the recording of electrical charge inside and outside a neuron during... see more

"This unit helps you understand the properties of nucleotides and how they contribute to secondary and tertiary... see more

The resource is a series of Powerpoint slides on how cancer can be triggered by viruses capable of transforming normal... see more

This is a module from the Supersite, "DNA From the Beginning." This learning object focuses on the concept, "one gene... see more

'How well can you visualize the 3D structure of the DNA molecule? Can you spot erroneous depictions of DNA as a... see more

This is a chapter of the larger site "DNA from the beginning". This section discusses the symbiotic origin of the genomes... see more

A common method of amplifying target sequences of DNA in vitro by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is described in this... see more

This site shows the condensation reaction involved in peptides and protein synthesis.

This animation is part of the virtual cell site developed at North Dakota State University. The introduction contains an... see more

Once the mRNA molecule is transported to the cytosol, ribosomes begin to translate the mRNA sequence into amino acids.... see more

Four webcasts of lectures covering the basics of human development and stem cells. Lecture one covers human embryonic... see more