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This is a java application to simulate the magnetic striping that results from sea floor spreading combined with magnetic... see more

This lesson plan should be used for grades 5-7 to help practice, learn, and implement the scientific method, using a... see more

Lesson plan, resource materials and evaluation of, and project snapshot of an Earth Science lesson.  The goal of the... see more

This tutorial introduces students to effective notetaking when reading their textbooks. It is part of a series of... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a Marine Transportation course for undergraduate students by Tamara Burback,... see more

This website is a sample unit plan on how to teach science. It has interactive lessons that deal with the many aspects of... see more

This is an article about science. The scientific method is also explained.  He provides the explanation for  science,... see more

How we get energy. How we use energy. Comparison of energy from different forms such as hydroelectric, coal, gas, et... see more

This is a free textbook from BookBoon.   'The Evolution of Modern Science outlines the story of science from Aristotle to... see more

Textbook that covers the natural functioning of the different Earth systems. Includes full-color images of related... see more

I am posting this because this can be a model for other coastal schools (or schools in general) in under-served... see more

Ch. 1 of Is Science Progressive?.  Discusses the nature of science

This site explains some of the areas in the nature of science (ie: avioding bias, science and society, scientific world... see more

It is a website about the ozone layer and its global effects. It demonstrates by means of visuals the size, causes and... see more

Take a virtual tour of the body in English or Spanish!  You can see an animated explanation of the heart, digestive... see more

Extensive collection of high-quality, searchable stock photos featuring clouds, lightning, tornadoes, floods, storms, and... see more

Virtual labs and assessments for science

Web Weather for Kids is a website that has games, stories, and other hands on activities. The website is designed for the... see more

A brief article for educators and the interested public on what happened with the "demotion" of Pluto and what the... see more

This is an article about how important it is to be literate in science.  It talks about literacy within the science... see more

WWF or World Wild Life fund is a web site ( is a place that allows students or... see more