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Applet for demonstrating the acceleration of a body expelling mass (rocket). Extensive explanatory text included.

Applet demonstrates the accleration of a rocket. Extensive explanatory text included.

Demonstrates the kinematics and dynamics of a rolling object striking a surface and rebounding. Includes the effects of... see more

A pdf of a solved problem with test template. Students can study and practice the problem and receive the template to... see more

Applet for demonstrating static friction. Extensive explanatory text included.

This is the second term in a two-semester course on statistical mechanics. Basic principles are examined in 8.334, such... see more

Applets demonstrate the motion of the center of mass of two particles moving with respect to each other.

This video was recorded at Thematic International Conference on Bio-, Nano- and Space Technologies, EU & Science Centers... see more

This Java applet simulates the motion in 2D of interacting particles. Forces include springs, gravity, and electrostatic... see more

Tutorial and two applets on basic kinematics in one dimension.

University Physics is a three volume collection that meets the scope and sequence requirements for the two-three semester... see more

This is a wonderful site for a velocity and speed lesson. It gives a great outline of the material and provides real life... see more

Applet for demonstrating the effects of drag on a vertically accelerating body. Extensive explanatory text included.

Choose a character and an object to investigate the relationships between energy, momentum, and friction.

A tutorial, with applets and animations, on forces and Newton's Second Law. Includes a quiz.

This course is an introduction to the dynamics and vibrations of lumped-parameter models of mechanical systems. Topics... see more

This subject provides an introduction to modeling and simulation, covering continuum methods, atomistic and molecular... see more

This course discusses the principles and methods of statistical mechanics. Topics covered include classical and quantum... see more

8.01 is a first-semester freshman physics class in Newtonian Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and Kinetic Gas Theory. In... see more

This class is an introduction to classical mechanics for students who are comfortable with calculus. The main topics are:... see more

Physics I is a first-year, first-semester course that provides an introduction to Classical Mechanics. It covers the... see more

Physics I is a first-year physics course which introduces students to classical mechanics. This course has a hands-on... see more

דף מידע העוסק בקינמטיקה - תורבת התנועה, ובו יישומון הממחיש היבטים שונים של תנועה. מופיע במדור למידה מתוקשבת של אתר מכון... see more

פיאיך מטוס ממריא? ואיך הוא מתקדם אחר כך בטיסה? כדי לבצע תנועה באוויר יש להתגבר על שני כוחות: כוח הכבידה וההתנגדות של... see more