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Solid website that has news archive audio supported by text. It's perfect for ESL Learners.

This site gives plenty of information and ideas on fire safety and how to incorporate it into a unit with younger... see more

This site is geared to kids from grades k-8. It promotes "kitchen science" and the magic of science and math with a slew... see more

Primary and secondary school history and geography teachers can find and download classroom material, such as lesson... see more

This collection of links to lessons, tools and tips is intended for teachers who want to use Google Earth in the... see more

This citation database is intended to assist researchers who are planning to use European libraries and archives. The... see more

Dedicated to microscopy and the promotion of education, this site contains a wealth of photography, website links, and... see more

This site offers a collection of professional development activities which can be used to develop an understanding of... see more

"Inspiration Lane" is an online, classroom magazine for all levels of ESOL, ESL and EFL classes. Created and edited by an... see more

This portal provides access to information on ways to bring modern research results into undergraduate courses. Each... see more

This website is based on the layered curriculum concept created by Kathie Nunley in which the activities are organized in... see more

Kidzone is a site for students diagnosed with learning disabilities who want to showcase their original artwork and... see more

Teachers' Domain is a free online digital library of carefully selected and edited multimedia resources and lesson plans,... see more

Learning Network, the Internet?s largest educational website for parents, teachers, and students, and the National... see more

This website provides information and other links on learning outcomes assessment processes, assessment committees,... see more

These activites are to help students understand the way they learn, their strengths and weaknesses, and ways to improve... see more

This page contains the links to many special education-related sites. General links are at the top of the list; specific... see more

Solid and informative presentation about the life of this leader.

'The Museum of Modern Art in New York is home to the world's finest collection of modern and contemporary art. Now you... see more

This site provides an introduction to functional behavioral assessment online.

This resource has worksheets for grade levels 1-8 for math, science, and language arts.

In the 21st century, airplanes are a normal part of everyday life. We see them fly over, or read about them, or see them... see more

This VERY interesting Earth Observatory website is a great place for an anticipatory set that introduces CDE Standard... see more

This is a NASA website that is a worldwide distributor of educational multimedia for a minimal charge. Browse through the... see more