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Applet demonstrates what you see if three overlapping beams of colored light shine on a screen in a dark room.

Java applets and activities concerning the torsion pendulum.

Demonstrates the properties of transformers by allowing the user to vary the number of windings and see the results.

Demonstrates vibrations by a chain of individual particles.

Current flowing from the cathode to the plate of a vacuum tube diode changes the nature of the current from alternating... see more

Applet demonstrates the parallelogram method of adding vectors.

An applet that provides visual representations of the electric field and potential field of a charge distribution defined... see more

Applet and extensive discussion of basic principles of magnetism, including Ampere's Law and the Biot-Savart Law. Applet... see more

By exmaining the trajectory of an atom moving through a electric and magnetic field this applet determines the mass of... see more

This applet shows a simple circuit containing one resistor. In addition there is a voltmeter (parallel to the resistor)... see more

An Atwood machine for demonstrating the relationship between an unbalanced torque and rotational acceleration. The rope... see more

Applet demonstrates how friction affects the rolling motion of a ball down an inclined plane.

Clearly displays the relationship between circular motion, the motion of a simple harmonic oscillator, and the plot of a... see more

(Foreign language version only) This is a 4 nodes DC circuit simulation java applet. You can drag DC voltage source,... see more

Applet and tutorial on basic nuclear physics.

Demonstrates the relationship between the radius of circular motion and the amplitude of the corresponding sine wave.

Applet and tutorial on basic fluid dynamics. Applet shows a system of leaking vessles, each leaking into the other, and... see more

A slide shot (similar to an overhead transparency) of the theoretical basis for anyspeed acceleration problems. For a... see more

Tutorial and applet on basic fluid dynamics, focusing on Archimede's Principle.

A Java applet for illustrating the relative motion of two cars with regards to braking.

This tutorial allows visitors to move an object back and forth in from of a bi-concave lens and view what happens both... see more

Another lens tutorial that lets students move an object back and forth in from of a bi-convex lens and view what happens... see more