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In an effort to reduce the number of students who lose their work in the computer lab, due to not reading or responding... see more

Science for All Americans  Table of Contents Introduction  Chapter 1: The nature of Science Chapter 2: The nature... see more

Resources for ESL teachers; lesson plans, grammar, idioms, vocabulary, dialogues, games, and more.

Student-authored multimedia tutorial on time management.A business student talks about how he manages school, work, and... see more

This tutorial explains how to use Word 2007's new Citation styler feature to add both a formatted bibliography and... see more

tips on how children can learn on their own, reading, writing, music, activities, quizzes and more.

Tips on teaching sixth graders, strategies, homework, classwork, tests and more.

This site is part of the College Reading Skills Program, a TRIO grant funded effort at California State Polytechnic... see more

Tips for engaging students to create a class mission statement.

The Conjugator: An Introduction to French Verb Conjugation Stand Alone Instructional Resource This powerpoint... see more

The Elements of Digital Storytelling site provides a: Taxonomy of digital storytelling. Analysis of current practices.... see more

This is the KHAN Academy homepage that has videos on all of the following topics:  Calculus, Pre-calculus, Trigonometry,... see more

For years,it has been a tradition in Egypt to have riddles during the month of Ramadan. People submit their answers after... see more

creative ideas and writer prompts for writers of all ages. All of the story starters are randomly created. This idea... see more

Tips for effective teaching to motivate your students.

Lesson plans and ideas about planting trees and Arbor Day.

TutorVista is a great live online tutoring tool for all ages. It was recently mentioned on NBC and Google is investing in... see more

Presentation about egypt; the flag, national anthem, background, geography, people, government, economy, communications,... see more

Actiivities for the first days of school; teacher and students introduction, seating chart, icebreakers, puzzles,... see more

Warm-up activities; vocabulary, spelling, and forming new words.

Learn Arabic online; lesson plans, grammar, quizzes, vocabulary, and writing.