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This site was designed to support faculty who are moving from a face-to-face class to hybrid or blended learning. There... see more

"Hybrid" is the name commonly used nationwide to describe courses that combine face-to-face classroom instruction with... see more

Download the supporting PDF file for this episode from the Learning to Teach Online project website.... see more

This document describes a wide variety of ways that Twitter can be used in the college classroom.  "Since June 2011,... see more

This report contains complete information about the design, offering, and assessment of a new American literature course... see more

This paper was published in the Online Journal of Distance Education Administration, Vol. 2, No. 4, Winter 1999. This... see more

Download the supporting PDF file for this episode from the Learning to Teach Online project website.... see more

A blog with hundreds of entries about infographics: tools, infographics by subject, articles,  tips, and other resources

Intel's Innovation Odyssey is an inspiring resource packed with ideas and stories shared by educators throughout the... see more

The presentation will include an introduction to and applications of the traditional instructional design model to CBT.... see more

One of 6 learning modules created for the College Educator Development Program - a collaboration of six Ontario colleges:... see more

This site provides information on how to make lectures more interactive. There are a number of different examples and... see more

The International Centre for Distance Learning (ICDL) is an international centre for research, teaching, consultancy,... see more

This paper describes the results of a pilot study which examined the personality type and teaching style preferences of... see more

The purpose of this module is to introduce you to basic Adobe Photoshop features and concepts so that you can use the... see more

This is the first volume in a series on Andragogy and Pedagogy. Introduction to Piaget: The Father of Pedagogy describes... see more

This concise handout with links covers the following topics: Understanding Podcasts Finding Podcast Creating Podcasts (or... see more

One of the major mindset shifts in training and education is easy to state but somewhat difficult for many instructors to... see more

Item Analysis is an interactive tutorial designed to assist the learner to recognize and analyze data from an item... see more

This paper describes various techniques recommended and used by online instructors for keeping online learners on topic... see more

Kickstarter is an Online funding platform for creative projects in Performing Arts, Business, Education, Film Media,... see more

The Knowledge Media Lab has developed a Resource Web site to support the use of multimedia in the scholarship of... see more

Poster Session from "Weaving Patterns of Practice," 2008 POD Network/NCSPOD Conference. Is it worth keeping up with... see more

This article focuses on 14 psychological factors that are primarily internal to and under the control of the learner... see more