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Answer a series of basic questions, and this virtual consultant will advise you which depreciation method to use --... see more

This is an excerpt from a book that helps individuals develop good questions for interview. It can be helpful in an HR... see more

This Formula Solver walks you through the steps to calculate depreciation with the double declining balance method. Use... see more

Earnings per share (EPS) is a way to relate income to ownership on a per share basis, and is used in evaluating share... see more

The EBITDA coverage ratio shows if earnings are able to satisfy all financial obligations including leases and principal... see more

The equity multiplier ratio is the factor by which assets grew from the use of debt. This interactive tutorial walks you... see more

This is a great site for classroom discussion. The European Commission's Press Office in London monitors the British... see more

This lesson explains the differences between financial accounting and managerial accounting.

A quick introduction to the purpose and use of the three basic financial statements.

The fixed assets turnover ratio measures how fixed assets are used to generate sales, by comparing sales to net fixed... see more

Mar 6, 2017 ... Introduction to QuickBooks Online. 1. Ros Hodgson Introduction to QuickBooks Online WiFi: QBConnect No... see more

This tutorial is an introduction to the balance sheet with examples provided (in pounds, but can be easily viewed as... see more

To learn about Accounting careers and to reinforce the Accounting Equation. Both videos will help students be more... see more

The inventory turnover ratio compares sales to inventories, reflecting a company's ability to convert inventory into... see more

Students will understand the origin of the accounting equation and how it relates to the three primary classifications in... see more

Students will be able to apply the general concept of a contra account to the purchasing side of a merchandising... see more

This website from contains links to articles that range from how-to advice to entrepreneurial case studies. The... see more

Complete open-source course in marketing research. Send any modifications to author electronically.

Open Tuition's goal is to provide accountancy students worldwide with free online/mobile resources they need to study for... see more

Lesson on keyword reserch for website internet marketing. What is keyword research? How is it conducted? and why is it... see more

Tutorials for introductory accounting. Take tests and have them graded and the results shown immediately on screen.... see more

A subsidiary ledger, or subledger, breaks out a single general ledger account into subgroups that share common... see more

This Formula Solver walks you through the steps to calculate depreciation with the sum-of-the-years-digits method (SYD).... see more

This is a test submission! This tutorial explains how to use the online catalog for the Library of Congress. It is tons... see more