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"Tragedy" is a name originally applied to a particular kind of dramatic art and subsequently to other literary forms; it... see more

This course examines the production, transmission, preservation and qualities of folk music in the British Isles and... see more

Our purpose is to consider some of the most elaborate and thoughtful efforts to define and delineate "all-mastering," and... see more

This subject offers a broad survey of texts (both literary and philosophical) drawn from the Western tradition and... see more

This subject offers a broad survey of texts (both literary and philosophical) drawn from the Western tradition and... see more

The aim of this subject is to acquaint the student with some important works of systematic ethical philosophy and to... see more

This subject focuses on the ways in which we read, providing an overview of some of the different strategies of reading,... see more

Roman Literature of the Golden Age of Augustus Caesar, produced during the transition from Republican to Imperial forms... see more

This course is an introduction to major books from both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Particular attention has... see more

This survey provides a general introduction to medieval European literature (from Late Antiquity to the Fifteenth... see more

The course explores the literary masterworks of three of the most celebrated authors of the Middle Ages in their original... see more

The Renaissance has justly become both famous and notorious as an age of discovery, and its voyages took place in many... see more

In this class, you will read, think about, and (I hope) enjoy important examples of what has become one of the most... see more

This course studies several important examples of the genre that between the early 18th century and the end of the 20th... see more

Though the era of British Romanticism (ca. 1790-1830) is sometimes exclusively associated with the poetry of these years,... see more

This subject traces the history of the European novel by studying texts that have been influential in connection with two... see more

The course covers British literature and culture during Queen Victoria's long reign, 1837-1901. This was the brilliant... see more

Tradition and innovation in representative fiction of the early modern period. Recurring themes: the role of the artist... see more

This course analyzes major modern plays featuring works by Shaw, Pirandello, Beckett, Brecht, Williams, Soyinka, Hwang,... see more

This course considers some of the substantial early twentieth-century poetic voices in America. Authors vary, but may... see more

This semester, Contemporary Literature (21L.488) deals with Irish literature, a subject broad and deep. To achieve a... see more

What is Britain now? Its metropolises are increasingly multicultural. Its hold over its distant colonies is a thing of... see more

Central to our era is the gradual movement of all the world's regions toward a uniform standard of economic and political... see more

Alienation, overcrowding, sensory overload, homelessness, criminality, violence, loneliness, sprawl, blight. How have the... see more