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This case study is intended for high school or lower level undergraduate students, and will help when studying the human... see more

The Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN) presents this anatomy tutorial. The site is divided up into... see more

Dr Robert Whitaker, a professor at Cambridge University, creates this podcast covering anatomy. Intended as a tool for... see more

This online lesson plan was designed for students taking part in the active research project to document the distribution... see more

This case study asks students to analyze scientific claims made by an advertisement for a product. The class will learn... see more

Nature is a weekly international journal that publishes articles on all scientific topics. Although the journal itself is... see more

This Oxford University Press Web site offers online companions to the following textbooks: Modern Statistics for the Life... see more

This case study examines the merits of both sexual and asexual reproduction. The lesson was created for a general biology... see more

This lesson plan from the Alliance to Save Energy is intended to help students understand how much electricity they use... see more

This lesson plan will help students understand their own role in the larger picture of energy consumption. The material... see more

This lesson plan turns students into amateur building inspectors. They will analyze the energy efficiency of a home, and... see more

This case study helps students in understanding how to apply ecological principles to a real-life environmental problem.... see more

Hosted by the Wisconsin Online Resource Center, this fun and informative web-based tutorial on the Construction of the... see more

Morganella morganii (M. morganii) is one of the important nosocomial pathogen associated with the urinary tract... see more

Serratia marcescens (S. marcescens) is Gram-negative bacterium, associated with hospital-acquired infections (HAIs),... see more

Attached are the presentations from the AAPT Summer 2013 Invited Session on Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences... see more

This preliminary study examines the impact of conceptual writing assignments on student understanding of two physics... see more

We examined the effects of simple training tasks on student responses to questions about the relationship between the... see more

We examine the effect of misconceptions about friction on students' ability to solve problems and transfer from one... see more

This website focuses on environmental education and includes pages on the flora, fauna, endangered species, and other... see more

We performed a new kind of FCI study to get at the differences between what students believe and what they think... see more

Sponsored by American Association of Community Colleges, National Association of State Directors of Career Technical... see more

This radio broadcast features an expert in the study of the Arctic climate who has analyzed more than 20 years of... see more

This University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program provides several links to articles... see more