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This resource shows how carrier proteins are used in facilitated diffusion to move molecules across the membrane. 

This resource explains the roles of lysosomes. The animation shows how their hydrolytic enzymes break down proteins,... see more

This animation explains how a gel is formed and explains primary, secondary, tertiary structures. It concludes with the... see more

This animation explains how genetic drift allows allele frequencies to change over time because of chance. This phenomena... see more

This animation shows how to separate a protein mixture into spots on a gel using 2d electrophoresis. 

This animations demonstrates how a gene can be cloned via a plasmid. 

This animation shows the purpose of telomerase, the regions of telomeric repeat sequences at the ends of chromosomes. 

THis animation demonstrates how the circular chromosomal DNA of bacteria are compacted to fit inside the bacterial cell. 

This animation demonstrates the function of the protein complex called cohesin. It demonstrates how cohesin is used... see more

This animation shows the structure of dna. The chemical structure is discussed in detail. 

This animation shows the bacterial process of geneic transfer termed, conjugation. 

With this animation, you can explore how natural selection works on allellic frequencies. The effect of natural selection... see more

This resource shows what happens when HIV first enters the nody. It also shows the interaction of the gp120 protein with... see more

This animation shows the bodys immune response to a pathogen entering the body. The animation shows how various cells... see more

This animation shows how hemoglonin is broken down and then ingested by macrophages. 

This animation shows how hormonal communication occurs starting at the neuroendocrine system.

This animation shows the effect of action potential on the calcium ion channel.

This animation shows the building of bone from infancy to adulthood. The negative effects of bone weakness is also shown.

The animation shows the maturation of the follicle and ooyte. The animation also shows what follows after ovulation. 

The animation compares and contrasts mitosis and meiosis. A short quiz follows the animation to test your knowledge. 

This animation follows the passage of food from the mouth, all the way through the digestive system. As the animation... see more

This animation shows the various types of muscles. It provides the function of each one. 

This source shows the animation of blood traveling through the human heart. 

This site provides information about blood flow through the heart, differences between veins and arteries, and gives the... see more