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This animation discusses the anatomical differences between the skulls of a Cro Magnon and a Neanderthal. 

This animation follows the progression of antibiotic resistance. As mutations happen, they are passed to the next... see more

This animation explores the cycling of nitrogen between the living and nonliving world. Also explored is how nitrogen is... see more

In this animation, researchers test the effects of habitat fragmentation on the extinction of species. 

This animation explors how animals choose what to eat. The data used in this animation is from a study of bluegill... see more

Flowering plants are capable of both sexual and asexual fertilization. The animation shows a haploid sperm cell fuses... see more

This animation explores the process of gastrulation. The animation shows the formation of the blastula in a cavity called... see more

This animation gives a brief description of what stem cells are. The animation also explores how stem cells grow and... see more

This animation describes how antibodies are used in a variety of ways due to their specific binding abilities. One of the... see more

This resource provides information about the history behind genome sequencing. The 2 types of sequencing, hierarchical... see more

This resource provides information about photosynthesis and oxygen aquisition in plants. The animation details how... see more

This animation provides the functions and significance of enzymes. A short animation explains exactly how enzyme catalyze... see more

This resource provides a short introduction, virtual animation, and a short quiz about the golgi apparatus and its... see more

This animation shows the various human ancestors and how they relate to modern humans. Some of the topcs discussed are... see more

This resource provides insight into how the dinosaurs were wiped out on earth. It discusses the possible extinction... see more

This video demonstrats how radiometric dating is used to date rocks. The animation also discusses how this helped... see more

This animation discusses why the X and Y sex chromosomes are so different and how they came to be as they are. 

This animation illustrates the various types of biomes on the planet. Some of the main points discussed are the... see more

This animation has 3 parts: World hunger, what is being done, and the hunger project. It discussed how hunger is... see more

This animation discusses population growth curves. The factors that control population size are also discussed. 

This animation discusses what factors influence urine concentrations. The various components of urine are also... see more

This animation discusses why red blood cells are needed to transport gases. Various components of blood are also... see more

This animation shows how oxygen and carbon dioxide are carried throughout the body. Partial pressure is also discussed. 

This animation demonstrates how alveolar pressure changes due to inhalation or exhalation. It also provides an... see more