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This assignment from Betty Ravnik of Alexandria Technical College asks residential design students to create a floor plan... see more

Fourth grade summarizing lesson plan. Easy reader picture books used.

This lesson demonstrates the difference between precision and accuracy. Students design a device that can shoot a... see more

Demonstrate the concept of rotational equilibrium.

This is a stand alone project for students complete for rounding numbers. It shows students three different skills. 1.... see more

This is a stand alone project on rounding numbers to the nearest ten,hundred, tenth, and hundredth. It is for students... see more

The focus of this lesson is on rubber band powered car design. Teams of students construct rubber band powered cars from... see more

Lesson focuses on watercraft engineering and sailing. Students work in teams to design a sailboat out of everyday objects... see more

This lesson plan uses the Shared Inquiry method of classroom discussion to promote a student centered and student focused... see more

Lesson focuses on exploring how the development of search engines has revolutionized Internet. Students work in teams to... see more

This Interactive Power Point was created in order to provide students with an engaging way to learn the use of Ser vs.... see more

Demonstrate and discuss simple circuits and the differences between parallel and serial circuit design and functions.... see more

Lesson focuses on exploring how the development of seismographs has helped save lives around the world. Students work in... see more

Lesson focuses on engineering package designs that meet the needs of safely shipping a product. Students work in teams of... see more

Lesson focuses on how packaging engineers develop customized shipping and packaging containers to meet the needs of many... see more

This goal-directed instructional design plan is an assignment directed towards 4th and 5th grade students.  The... see more

Lesson focuses on simple machines and how they can be found in many everyday items. Students explore the different types... see more

Simple machines: their principles and uses.

This lesson focuses on surgical instrument design. Teams of students construct surgical instruments from everyday... see more

This piece follows a research paper focused upon the educational needs of boys in writing.

This is a STAND-ALONE INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE that can be used to teach high school students about using social netowrking... see more

This lesson focuses on how the sun's energy can be used to heat and cool buildings. Teams of students construct passive... see more

Lesson focuses on algorithmic thinking and programming. Make the students aware of the beauty of simple algorithms and... see more

Lesson focuses on the engineering behind industrial sorting processes. Working as an engineering group, students then... see more