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With this animation, you can explore how natural selection works on allellic frequencies. The effect of natural selection... see more

This is a great site for learning about neurotransmitters and neurochemistry.  Animations and text are provided to users... see more

Contains a video of a neutrophil chasing and phagocytizing a bacterium taken from a 1950's film.

Great simulation explaining how plants react to nitrogen and iron deficiencies, good voice tutorial, online, easy to... see more

A collection of online games related to topics in science, including malaria, the genetic code, and DNA.

From the author:  In this animated and interactive object, learners conduct an experiment online to illustrate how a... see more

This animation shows the building of bone from infancy to adulthood. The negative effects of bone weakness is also shown.

This PBS Series takes a 3D tour of the brain. The episodes each look at the brain during different stages of life: baby,... see more

A common method of amplifying target sequences of DNA in vitro by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is described in this... see more

This animation shows how microorganisms are phagocytized using various receptors. 

Great simulation explaining how the three phases of gastric secretion; cephalic, gastric, and intestinal, good voice... see more

Great simulation explaining how photophosphorylation works in plants, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display with a... see more

This site contains a brief text description of photosynthesis with animations for both the light dependent and light... see more

This is a great model going through the individual steps of photosynthetic electron transport system in thyakoids. It... see more

This animation is part of the virtual cell site developed at North Dakota State University. The introduction contains an... see more

This is a nice animation / simulation to show some plant tropisms, including phototropism gravitropism (along with auxin... see more

This animation focuses on plant growth and how plants sense and respond to their environment. In particular, this... see more

This is a great site from the University of Alberta that provides animations of plant life cycles (equisetum, fern,... see more

This website supplies an animation defining the process of plasmid cloning. Students can either select the step-through... see more

Great simulation explaining how the polymerase chain reaction works, good voice tutorial, online, easy to display with a... see more

Once the mRNA molecule is transported to the cytosol, ribosomes begin to translate the mRNA sequence into amino acids.... see more

Scientists use a microautoradiogram to determine the percentage of living cells in a sample. This animation will detail... see more

This is a narrated YouTube video that describes the process of how phagocytic cells and B-cells engulf foreign material,... see more

This animation provides a step-through mode or a narrated mode covering the process of protein secretion. It gives a... see more