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This course is offered to undergraduates and introduces basic mathematical models of computation and the finite... see more

6.825 is a graduate-level introduction to artificial intelligence. Topics covered include: representation and inference... see more

This course examines how randomization can be used to make algorithms simpler and more efficient via random sampling,... see more

6.895 covers theoretical foundations of general-purpose parallel computing systems, from languages to architecture. The... see more

This research-oriented course will focus on algebraic and computational techniques for optimization problems involving... see more

This introductory biology laboratory course covers the application of experimental techniques in microbiology,... see more

This independent experimental study course is designed to allow students with a strong interest in independent research... see more

Where do new drugs and treatments come from? This class will take you from the test tubes and mice of the laboratory to... see more

One summer in the 1960s a young Japanese researcher, with the help of a few high school students, chopped up ten thousand... see more

Cellular responses to DNA damage constitute one of the most important fields in cancer biology. In this class we will... see more

The course focuses on the problem of supervised learning within the framework of Statistical Learning Theory. It starts... see more

Life as an emergent property of networks of chemical reactions involving proteins and nucleic acids. Mathematical... see more

Lectures, reading, and discussion of current theory and data concerning the psychology and biology of language... see more

牛島 廣治 教授 最終講義 研究概要 1)下痢症ウイルスとHIVの分子疫学 2)抗ウイルス薬(エイズ薬等)の開発 3)発達と障害に関する研究 4)下痢症ウイルス、HIVの分子疫学、診断と治療の開発 5)多民族文化社会による母子保健... see more

This course is a first-year graduate course in algorithms. Emphasis is placed on fundamental algorithms and advanced... see more

AskERIC is a personalized Internet-based service providing education information to teachers, librarians, counselors,... see more

A selective hyperlinked list of textbooks concerned with college pedagogy as a major area of scholarship.

An intensive survey of structure, reactions and synthesis of the main classes of organic compounds. Laboratory... see more

This course is an intensive introduction to the techniques of experimental chemistry and gives first year students an... see more

A brief video on the reasons Creative Commons is a useful process/organization.

YouTube Video describing Creative Commons

In these presentations, the lecturers address challenging public health issues of the day and report on lessons learned... see more

The authors of this paper, Ann Sumners and Barbara Ann Tronsgard, published in the ?Online Journal of Distance Learning... see more

A continuation of the list of more than 40 (including hyperlinks) associations concerned with aspects of distance... see more