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On the BBC French language site, there is a self-assessment called Gauge Your Level that allows you to figure out what... see more

Videos with useful tips on 70% of the most visited countries.In the words of its authors: "All GeoBeats video travel... see more

Founded in 1998, the Global Nomads Group (GNG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to heightening children's... see more

Self-correcting exercises on all topics of French grammar

This site, available in FLASH and HTML versions, has colorful and detailed tables, charts and diagrams on all the parts... see more

Interactive grammar tests with detailed explanations of answers. Topics include agreement of the past participle, proper... see more

Diagnostic and Practice Exercises in German on comparisons and the superlative. Immediate feedback. This module is part... see more

Rubrics for the evaluation of instructional web sites, cd-roms and textbooks in French. May be used with students in... see more

Site of the University of Rouen, France includes primary texts, critiques, theses on Flaubert's works, biographies and... see more

 Habib comes from a noble line of Khassonké griots, traditional troubadors who provide wit, wisdom and musical... see more

Print Hebrew signs without Hebrew support. Mouse click on the on screen keyboard and the letters will appear on the... see more

A Basque song is at the center of an interactive module that shows how songs created for one purpose can take on a whole... see more

Exercises and games in French ,German, Spanish and Italian  to engage FL learners.

Spanish language version of the 9/11 digital archive, this site contains personal accounts of the events of September 11.... see more

Flash modules on the various periods of Portuguese history. In Portuguese, with excellent use of media.

An image database, consisting entirely of illustrations by the author, for the benefit of instructors of Japanese.

Pour apprendre par l’image avec des planches thématiques. Il est différent d'une encyclopédie ou d'un dictionnaire en... see more

In the words of the authors:"These learning scenarios are examples of thematic, integrative units of study based on the... see more

An Ka Bamanankan Kan Kalan: Beginning Bambara from the University of Indiana. Audio mp3 files and introductory lessons.

slamic Manuscripts from Mali features 32 manuscripts from the Mamma Haidara Commemorative Library and the Library of... see more

Thirty brief lessons in Italian language for Spanish speakers.

A variety of texts for different levels of Japanese language instruction. Part of the larger Nihongo Web resource site.

Learn how to write Hiragana and Katakana using Quick Time movies. Learn to write Kanji and hear example sentences in... see more

The Japanese Text Initiative (JTI) is an ongoing collaborative electronic text project between the U.Va. Library and the... see more