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This short investigation from Carbo Europe explores how temperature relates to the solubility of carbon dioxide in water.

A set of eight photographs compiled into a series of slides explain how urban areas are facing challenges in keeping both... see more

This interactive animation focuses on the carbon cycle and includes embedded videos and captioned images to provide... see more

In this yummy earth science activity (page 5 of the PDF), learners use fudge to learn about different kinds of lava.... see more

MY NASA DATA (Mentoring and inquirY using NASA Data) is an effort to develop microsets of Earth science data that are... see more

Dr. Peter Scholle, a professor of geology at New Mexico Tech, oversees this site showcasing the geology of the Permian... see more

This chapter provides a series of investigations, ranging from teacher-centered to open inquiry, that involve the... see more

In this activity, students investigate the interacting parts of the Earth system by observing changes in evaporation rate... see more

In this activity, students create a reservoir model using hoses, a bucket, a flat pan, and water, to understand the... see more

This demonstration is designed to show how the inputs and outputs of energy or mass in a system balance. Students create... see more

Paleontologists seldom have the good fortune to find a complete set of remains of an ancient organism that is wholly... see more

In this lesson, students download cloud coverage and surface data from the NASA CERES S-COOL website student observation... see more

This is a quick activity that shows how large amounts of rock and sediment are added to the edge of continents during... see more

This resource is designed to enable presenters (scientists, engineers, etc.) to easily present to an elementary and/or... see more

In this problem-based learning (PBL) scenario, students prepare a presentation for investors showing how their fishing... see more

This activity is a active learning activity where students will observe and represent the layers of the Earth from the... see more

Students observe a burning candle and the byproducts given off through the burning process. This observation leads to a... see more

Summary: Misplaced Matter and Water Pollution The drinking water pollution demonstration provides a very simple but... see more

Summary Here are three ideas for demonstrating thermal conductivity to your students. I. Heat flow down a metal rod (or... see more

This project has students model the geologic timescale using distance as a metaphor for time. Each student writes a... see more

The USGS website on the Earthquake Model presents the following three hypotheses that can be explored with the... see more

A tasty in-class demonstration of radioactive decay using two colors of M&M's. Illustrates the quantitative concepts of... see more

Created by Dorothy Merritts, Robert Walter (Franklin & Marshall College), Bob MacKay (Clark College). Enhanced by Mark... see more

What is Happening in the Demonstration? The solid salicylate is melted and the resulting liquid then cooled, so that it... see more