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5.302 is a 3-unit course intended to provide freshmen with a stimulating and enjoyable "hands-on" experience with... see more

5.32 involves more advanced experimental work than 5.310 or 5.311. The course emphasizes organic synthesis assisted by... see more

5.33 focuses on advanced experimentation, with particular emphasis on chemical synthesis and the fundamentals of quantum... see more

This course deals with the application of structure and theory to the study of organic reaction mechanisms:... see more

5.451 is a half-semester introduction to natural product biosynthetic pathways. The course covers the assembly of complex... see more

This subject deals primarily with equilibrium properties of macroscopic systems, basic thermodynamics, chemical... see more

This course presents an introduction to quantum mechanics. It begins with an examination of the historical development of... see more

This course covers elementary statistical mechanics, transport properties, kinetic theory, solid state, reaction rate... see more

This course deals with the experimental and theoretical aspects of chemical reaction kinetics, including transition-state... see more

This course covers topics in time-dependent quantum mechanics, spectroscopy, and relaxation, with an emphasis on... see more

The goal of this course is to illustrate the spectroscopy of small molecules in the gas phase: quantum mechanical... see more

This participatory seminar focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching science and engineering in higher... see more

This course is offered both to undergraduates (6.041) and graduates (6.431), but the assignments differ. 6.041/6.431... see more

This course is offered to undergraduates and introduces basic mathematical models of computation and the finite... see more

6.825 is a graduate-level introduction to artificial intelligence. Topics covered include: representation and inference... see more

This course examines how randomization can be used to make algorithms simpler and more efficient via random sampling,... see more

6.895 covers theoretical foundations of general-purpose parallel computing systems, from languages to architecture. The... see more

This research-oriented course will focus on algebraic and computational techniques for optimization problems involving... see more

This introductory biology laboratory course covers the application of experimental techniques in microbiology,... see more

This independent experimental study course is designed to allow students with a strong interest in independent research... see more

Where do new drugs and treatments come from? This class will take you from the test tubes and mice of the laboratory to... see more

One summer in the 1960s a young Japanese researcher, with the help of a few high school students, chopped up ten thousand... see more

Cellular responses to DNA damage constitute one of the most important fields in cancer biology. In this class we will... see more

The course focuses on the problem of supervised learning within the framework of Statistical Learning Theory. It starts... see more