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Students build rockets out of wooden blocks and use comparison words to describe the height relationships.

Students use prior knowledge and creative thinking to solve problems.

Students create an outdoor, to-scale model of the distances between the Sun, Earth and Saturn to get a glimpse of the... see more

Convert an image into binary code, and reconvert binary code into an image.

Sundial is an exercise in math and physics. The complete construction of a sundial involves the use of a protractor and... see more

Students will use static electricity and magnetism to illustrate the accretion of chondritic material into larger bodies... see more

This project emphasizes hands-on involvement and partnership building, making use of inexpensive and easy-to-find... see more

Students become familiar with the space transportation system (STS), its parts, and the sequence of a space shuttle... see more

In this activity, students test a slingshot-like device that throws a mass, causing the car to move in the opposite... see more

To Introduce students to Mars by having them examine images from the Image Set. Mars has a complex surface with features... see more

Students examine images showing the Pathfinder landing site at three different scales. When examining each image, they... see more

This lesson introduces students to Saturn and its place in the solar system. This series introduces science into a... see more

A grade 3-5 lesson on how to deal with bullying.  

This is the Moodle site that supports the CSUB NASA Summer of Innovation event. It is set to allow guest access. You will... see more

This exercise is an Action Maze. You will be presented with a series of situations; in each situation you will need to... see more

This website has an archive of earthquakes and their data in the form of posters. This will support any collection of... see more

At 9.0 Magnitude, this was the largest earthquake in the world since the 1964 Alaskan quake. It struck on December 26 at... see more

An earthquake of magnitude 9 rocked the Pacific Northwest on January 26, 1700 around 9:00 PM. A series of independent... see more

The California earthquake of April 18, 1906 ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. Today, its... see more

On 22 March 1957, the San Francisco Peninsula was rocked by an earthquake centered in the Daly City area that caused... see more

An excellent resource with links that covers the massive quake up in Alaska during 1964.  

On October 17, 1989, at 5:04:15 p.m. (P.d.t.), a magnitude 6.9 (moment magnitude; surface-wave magnitude, 7.1) earthquake... see more

The Northridge earthquake of January 17, 1994, struck a modern urban environment generally designed for seismic... see more

Im an instructional designer at the Hunter College Campus School. I support the effective use of technology in schools... see more