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How to deal with error and scatter in measured values; absolute and relative uncertainty. An elementary but thorough... see more

An interactive educational tutorial designed to provide information on mole. This tutorial includes animations and... see more

The Motor System: Learning Module is a Power Point Show reviewing anatomy and physiology of the motor control system... see more

This learning resource is a continuing education module in Medscape.  Use is free, but Medscape requires the user to... see more

The Scientific Method page gives a comprehensive description of how the method works and gives several examples. It... see more

This site is part of the materials provided for a general biology course at Claremont College. This particular page... see more

Tutorial that demonstrates the important features of the gross anatomy of the brain

The site is a compendium of teaching strategies and good practices. A very useful tool for those interested in teaching... see more

This site has a turorial on the process of transcription during protein synthesis. It includes objectives, a glossary for... see more

This is a module from the Supersite, "DNA From the Beginning." This learning object focuses on the conversion of DNA to... see more

This interactive tutorial focuses on medical errors. The stated learning objectives are: Summarize the components of the... see more

This site has a comprehensive description of translation in the protein synthesis process. It includes objectives, a... see more

A tutorial that uses a variety of applets, popup explanation and hint windows, images, and quiz tools. Covers the... see more

A site of animations detailing gene expression (transcription, splicing and translation) and gene cloning (restriction... see more

In contrast to the common but misleading "entropy is disorganization" line, this tutorial describes entropy as a measure... see more

This interactive tutorial focuses on the concept of nonpunitive reporting of errors in the healthcare setting. The stated... see more

This is a streaming video tutorial designed as part of an evidence-based practice module. It is a video of Gordon Guyatt... see more

Labeled and unlabeled photos of cat anatomy are presented.

The virtual chemistry room of the University of Oxford, this site has information concerning symmetry, VESPRs, and... see more

Students will observe computer animations of immunofluorescence and hemagglutination and these will be followed by a... see more

The site is part of a larger collection on human anatomy. This particular link gives cross sections from the visible... see more