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An exploration as to How The Internet Has Impacted Music Student's Expectations

An exploration as to How The Internet Has Impacted Music Student's Expectations

This is a research article that discusses the findings of a study completed to determine the effect size of... see more

AWHONN has developed a standard approach to POST-BIRTH Warning Signs education. The program includes online education on... see more

El Duelo por la Muerte. Ejercicio de Tanatología para superar la muerte de un hijo.

Breve panorama descriptivo de los elementos que se integran en la capacitación del Capital Humano.

Modelo de entrevista de un caso clínico con Trastornos de Obesidad Mórbida y Depresión Profunda.

Inherent in open education is the belief that the quality, relevance, and usefulness of materials is derived, at least in... see more

Short, animated videos covering many topics in Anatomy and Physiology for nursing/allied health student in... see more

Multi-media webpage that provides an overview of the structures and circulation of the CNS, ventricles of the brain,... see more

This is a learning module describing the complexity of nursing workflow and the importance of cognitive stacking, which... see more

Auscultation of the respiratory system to distinguish normal respiratory sounds from abnormal ones for example crackles,... see more

This is a review of Spanish numbers from 1-100 using time, math problems and skip counting.

This literary text is an elaboration on the first part of this text, When You Get Haunted by Hatshepsut’s Spirit (1). It... see more

This is a literary text where two cultures meet each other at the port of ideological encounters.

This is a literary text tackling comparative literatures with a harmonized cultural perspective.


The American Diabetes Association provides a great deal of information about Diabetes and how to manage the disease... see more

This website has a lot of practice nclex questions. They are divided by subject for practice fro exams in a singular... see more