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Students often come to a principles course in economics with knowledge that is not correct. This example asks students to... see more

Students compare budget deficits and surpluses generated between 1969 and 2008 measured in nominal terms and then as a... see more

This ILD helps students to understand the relationship between total revenue and price elasticity of demand.

An ILD to help demonstrate the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns using an experiment.

Students survey class members to estimate the price elasticity of demand for a number of goods and services.

Students predict then calculate and graph profit-maximizing the price for an isolated, desert monopoly gas station.

After predicting what the unemployment rate will be for students in the class, a confidential survey modeled on the... see more

A classroom auction reveals reservation prices and a demand curve for an introductory economics course.

Students predict the best graphical representation of US real GDP/capita during the last twenty years, choosing from... see more

This activity uses an Interactive Lecture Demonstration to help students understand the definition of money in a modern... see more

After predicting which of two earnings streams has the highest currrent value, students use a discounted values table to... see more

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is the center of the Eighth District of the Federal Reserve System. This District... see more

In Simulation 14A, you will take on the role of Rita A. Bentley in order to learn how to claim self-employment income.... see more

In Simulation 10A, you will take on the role of Jon Stillman in order to learn how to claim the American Opportunity... see more

In this simulation,  you will take on the role of Judy Hood in order to learn how to claim the Lifetime Learning Credit... see more

' The  organizational simulation borrows from the work of Barry Oshry, and mirrors many of the design elements and... see more

Chinese-speaking foodservice workers can learn key food safety concepts via this interactive curriculum.'s aim is to offer students a way of practicing double entry bookkeeping / accounting... see more

'While the budget debate continues in Washington, many Americans remain confused about underlying budget issues. To help... see more

This site provides an online game that will allow participants to answer questions inquiring how they would respond to a... see more

Interactive website which places user in poverty situation due to loss of job, and then challenges user to make important... see more

Ars Regendi is a nation building and government simulation game where the players can rule an own state, which is... see more

eBeer is an online variation on the classic "Beer Game" developed at MIT. Students experience the bullwhip effect by... see more

This module is an internactive FinSim produced by McGraw-Hill Irwin.  It creates charts that emphasize future value and... see more