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The Austrian School of Economics produced some of the 20th century's most influential economists including Israel... see more

In this lesson plan, students learn about the differences between Keynes' and Hayek's economic philosophies and are able... see more

What is "classical liberalism?" Is it a specific set of beliefs, a philosophy, an economic theory, or something else? In... see more

This course considers the historical dimensions of rural production from subsistence to industrialization, both in... see more

"The greatest failing of non-Austrians theories of macroeconomics, it's been said, is that they lack a robust theory of... see more

"In this volume, Mises argued that economics is a science because human action is a natural order of life and that it is... see more

During the last fifteen years, nations across the globe embarked on a historic transformation away from centrally planned... see more

This course gives a historical perspective on financial panics. Topics include the growth of the industrial world, the... see more

This course is a survey of world economic history, and it introduces economics students to the subject matter and... see more

This course offers a comprehensive survey of world economic history, designed to introduce economics graduate students to... see more