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This tool checks the contrast (background/foreground) by evaluating the contrast ratio. User has to enter the number... see more

Provides a designer of a web page to use a 3-dimensional color RGB color space to check the contrast ratio of colors.... see more

This tool is for the use of designers or developers. It tests the color contrast in compliance with WCAG. It allows the... see more

Tool that is used to help reach and maintain website compliancy for accessibility and for the WCAG 2.0. This tool is used... see more

This tool allows you to input HTML color codes to check contrast ratios. You can change the font size and weight. Pass... see more

Checks text, link and background colors against WCAG 2.0 specifications. You input your chosen color on the left side of... see more

HTML Tidy is a tool that assists with editing HTML. It gives you the number of warnings and errors found at the top of... see more

This tool allows you to enter to hexadecimal color values to check for WCAG 1.0 or 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

Evaluates color combinations using the WCAG 2.0 guidelines for contrast accessibility. Modifies the color lightness value... see more

This application helps people make sure their webpages are accessible to individuals who are blind or visually impaired.... see more

This is a toolbar add-on for Firefox that helps examine accessibility features. The toolbar consists of ability to... see more

Covers WAI guideline checkpoint 2.2 by checking for sufficient color contrast. You can enter your own color code or pick... see more

This tool helps with developing web content accessibility. Includes a Reports, Navigation, Text Equivalents, Scripting,... see more

This is a color contrast analyzer tool that allows you to input a foreground and background color code to calculate a... see more

The Media Access Group (MAG), part of the prestigious WGBH Broadcasting, focuses on making a variety of media accessible... see more

Informal tips, from positive reinforcement for practicing good accessibility to appointing supervisory positions in order... see more

"Intended to serve as a resource for institutions who are developing or considering developing their own policies." "A... see more

Contact information for the college's Center of Accessible Resources is provided, as well as standards for the... see more

"[The application of the] Universial Design for Learning (UDL) in the context of institutional policies and... see more

This article specifically goes over the value labels have when creating an accessible website.  It gives brief examples... see more

This article goes over the importance that forms bring to a website. It gives examples of coding for developers to refer... see more

This article gives a brief overview of the importance of how accessible forms should be coded for individuals using... see more

This article provides information regarding people who may be susceptible to seizures caused by strobing, flickering or... see more

This  guidelines provide information regarding keyboard accessibility for users with motor disabilities or visually... see more