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Neural control of respiration (like neural control of many other physiological functions, micturition, for example) is... see more

Presented @ Middle East Conference in Health Care Informatics (MECHCI2005) in Dubai on 10th April 2005 by Dr Sanjoy... see more

Master of Surgery thesis by Dr Sanjoy Sanyal in JIPMER Pondicherry India, under guidance of Dr R. B. Mehta.  Shows some... see more

Dr Sanjoy Sanyal, then Associate Professor, presented this at a seminar on 27 July2007 in Seychelles medical college. It... see more

First prize-winning presentation at Health Care Informatics Symposium poster competition in Royal College of Surgeons of... see more

Dr Sanjoy Sanyal wrote this article when he was doing his Masters in Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, University... see more

Gives an overview of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health records (EHR) / Patient Health records (PHR),... see more

Since the start of modern history, nations around the world have allocated untold time and resources into increasing life... see more

ePortfolio of course redesign of Nutrition and Wellness to improve student success and increase enrollment through online... see more

In 2011, we started a program on our campus aimed at improving student success in STEM disciplines through flipped... see more

Remittance income is money that is sent internationally to family members after an individual leaves their country of... see more

Pilot study among parents of ENC adolescent males about attitudes and beliefs surrounding the HPV vaccine

Course Name & Description:   BIOL 362 (Mammalian Physiology). The fundamental mechanisms of mammalian and human... see more

This lesson introduces students to Gmail. In this lesson, students will understand the difference between stand alone and... see more

We implemented several different approaches to enhance student learning in Biology 101, Elements of Biology, the primary... see more

Neuroscience course syllabus for Basic Medical Sciences - It is a structured syllabus for third semester (First Year)... see more

Neuroscience is a comprehensive lecture and laboratory course that provides an integrated multidisciplinary study of the... see more

Professional Nursing Portfolio Discusses future aspirations, integrative practicum, community service and experiences,... see more

Nurisng information on course material learned from each semester including activities and clinical group projects.  A... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a Computer Science course for undergraduate students by Amlan Chatterjee, Ph.D.,... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a physiology course for undergraduate kinesiology students by Aaron Corcoran,... see more

These open teaching materials are being utilized in a Seamanship course for undergraduate students by Captain Britt T.... see more

This open textbook is being utilized in a Human Biology course by Christopher Callahan, M.S., at California State... see more