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'Organic chemistry database: Organic elements,reaction and mechanism list and search function. available compounds:... see more

'Audience Intended for everyone interested in Organic Chemistry, particularly undergraduate and graduate life science... see more

'Organic Chemistry study cards to help refresh on key terms.' This is a free app

'An organic compound is any member of a large class of gaseous, liquid, or solid chemical compounds whose molecules... see more

'Organic Compounds 3D LD has over 1,370+ drugs and organic compounds to view in a 2D/3D structure with a detailed... see more

'Developed under the auspices of Professor Silas Cook, Organic Named Reactions currently covers over 25 basic organic... see more

'Learn Named Reactions, understand mechanisms, see examples from Reaxys®, test your knowledge with ReactionFlash for... see more

'This application details the structures and functions of over 90 reagents encountered in typical introductory organic... see more

'With SPRESImobile, a wealth of chemical reaction information is readily available at your fingertips from a mobile... see more

'I know that organic chemistry can sometimes be frustrating and a bit confusing. Therefore, I have created this App in... see more

'Yield101 is the lab-bench companion app for Reaction101: define your reaction components (reactants and products), and... see more