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For more information about how this material is used, please contact Renae Clark at  This is a collection... see more

A wide variety of computer security issues, articles and help. Great resource for a computer teacher at the college... see more

Introductory course in applied cryptography, and its use for securing communication and commerce

Linux Command is an interesting site for teaching new computer and operating systems to students.  Since the world is so... see more

A collection of tutorials on using cascading style sheets (CSS) to design and development the presentation for web pages.

Need to learn about C++, Perl, Java or a wide array of other programming languages? Look no further than this site which... see more

OR-Objects is a collection of over 200 Java(tm) classes for building Operations Research applications. It includes data... see more

This site provides links to a large collection of PHP-related materials including software, scripts, tutorials, books,... see more

PHP Resource Index lives up to its name.  It provides over 4,000 resources organized into 4 major cateogories:  Complete... see more

A variety of sample VB.NET code exists at this site.

This site offers many on-line journals of which the Annals of Software Engineering is but one journal. Many articles... see more

Arreglos unidimensionales en PHP

For both beginners and advanced users to enhance their use of the web and learn to publish on it, this site provides... see more

We are building a complete set of Collegiate Independent Study Moodle courses including open-course-ware and current... see more

This site is an incredible resource for advanced and intermediate web page designers. It contains a library of dynamic... see more

This page indexes free ebooks that deal with programming.  Links are provided to the original source so that books can be... see more

Ensemble's Computing Portal digital library collects computing education resources. Resources focus on topics such as... see more

A collection of applets to make your web page look spiffy

Foss2serve promotes student learning via participation in Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) projects.... see more

Function Point Analysis educational materials, including self-paced course and manual. The manual is approximately 100... see more

This site solves the "Towers of Hanoi" problem. That, in and of itself, isn't really noteworthy as it's a fairly common... see more