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A Web application for analyzing two-dimensional truss and frame structures.

An online calculator that displays the path of the sun across the sky for any latitude and date. An intuitive graphical... see more

An interactive Java simulation of a wind tunnel that employs computational fluid dynmaics (CFD) to determine the various... see more

The West Point Bicentennial Engineering Design Contest is a nationwide competition aimed at promoting math, science, and... see more

Online calculator that predicts heat transfer from natural convection rectangular heat sinks. The online model... see more

Collection of online tools for solving problems related to thermal analysis. Includes conduction, convection, and... see more

Online calculator that simulates the performance of a laboratory shock tube. User input includes information about both... see more

Online calculator that uses an equation to simulate the familiar Moody Diagram for determining friction factors for flows... see more

HTTonedt is a Visual Basic 6 executable that for all practical purposes covers everything that is typically taught in... see more