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We have created a set of high-quality videos giving an inside look at personal response systems ("clickers") being used... see more

The talks include: * Frank Drake discussing his modern view of the Drake Equation, * Michael Brown explaining how his... see more

Journey Inside The Cell illustrates the evidence for intelligent design within DNA, as described in Stephen C. Meyer’s... see more

The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress.... see more

This movie is a chemical demonstration showing the reaction of aqueous lead nitrate with aqueous potassium iodide to form... see more

These science lessons are perfect for science teachers who are tired of worksheets, and are ready for lessons that will... see more

This is a great PowerPoint presentation for discussing the scientific method.

This website is part of a National Academy of Sciences project highlighting the work on prominent women scientists for... see more

WWF or World Wild Life fund is a web site ( is a place that allows students or... see more

A course for teachers about the interdependent systems of the ocean - covering plate tectonics, the nature of seawater,... see more

How to recognize pseudoscience and distinguish it from science; pathological science, junk science, and "bad" science.

A career as a science professor in one of today's major research universities holds many unique opportunities for... see more

August 2016 - This link was updated. In my Working with Joan folder, I provide my students with a list of assumptions I... see more

August 2016 - This link was corrected. What is your philosophy of teaching? What adjustments will you have to make... see more