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The video clips in this resource were created to demonstrate why we see the phases of the moon. On the right you can see... see more

This is a java application to simulate the magnetic striping that results from sea floor spreading combined with magnetic... see more

Introduce the scientific method including terminology Provide a fun activity for students to experience how the... see more

Fun site for middle school science. Students interact with an "Arnold-like" character. Students help the character find... see more

Interactive Vernier caliper applet.

Interactive Micrometer calipers applet.

The Virtual Microscope is a full-fledged simulation that allows users to select and position slides, adjust lighting,... see more

A simulated experiment on the determination of surface tension by the Capillary Rise Method. It uses capillary tubes of... see more

Edheads Simple Machines Activities help teach grades 2 and up all about Simple and Compound Machines. Explore the house... see more

August 2016 - This link was updated. How do you assign different roles for students to play in an online discussion?

Play against the computer on this mini version of the game where strategy goes out the window as your pieces enter... see more

The MetricConverter Java applet performs simple metric calculations and conversions.