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FactCheck is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. They state their mission as follows: "We are a nonpartisan,... see more

Fall 2016 Scientific Methods Course 353L- Science Final Portfolio, Marie Menard

Final Portfolio of synthesized knowledge.

Google Expeditions enable teachers to bring students on virtual reality field trips (200+ expeditions) to places like... see more

This is a laboratory manual used to support a college-level general science course covering sound, audio and acoustics.... see more

This is an experiment exploring the growth and properties of crystals. It is a great experiment for students of all ages.

Each year, Spinoff highlights NASA technologies that are benefiting life on Earth in the form of commercial products.... see more

Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element, and its deficiency in the humans leads to increase the risk of various... see more

today's world is infested with viruses, and antiviruses are doing little about it. this document covers some security... see more

AllCapture enterprise 3 is a tool for video capturing your PC screen, this document will guide the user through the... see more

This course gives students the opportunity to master Word tips that will allow them to start writing reports from a good... see more

Through scientific research and communication, students work in team to address global problems like Ocean Acidification,... see more

Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations providing a powerful open computing environment for... see more

This website provides both HTML and PDF versions of the NSF Grant Proposal Guide. This guide covers all writing,... see more

Located on the UH Manoa campus (in Honolulu), the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) brings... see more

This reference provides instructions on how to write scientific reports. Topics include why we write reports, the basic... see more

These science bulletins from the American Museum of Natural History feature news on space science, astronomy, and... see more

The MAD Scientist Network is a collection of scientists from all over the country available to answer any of your science... see more

This is a comprehensive website containing information on all the latest science news, discoveries, funding, awards, and... see more

This resource, created by L.A. West and Matthais W. Pleil for the Southwest Center for Microsystems Education (SCME),... see more

This site introduces computational science with a brief overview which distinguishes computational science ("use... see more

This site from the National Academy of Engineering features some of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th... see more

This series of podcasts are published by the National Science Teachers Association, and is described as "a biweekly... see more

This collection of podcasts by Rick Quarles focuses on science and nature with an educational theme. Each episode... see more